Project Description

The iHand project is based on the concept of a soft robotic glove that can add extra strength to the grip for persons who want to protect their hands or who already have reduced hand function.

The iHand project aims to industrialize and demonstrate a soft robotics platform for hand/grip function that can be used as a preventive, assistive or rehabilitation device and to enable volume production of this platform. The project will demonstrate the  benefits of the iHand assistive and therapeutic functions for society in general. The project includes demonstration activities with adults at home and at work, as well as exploitation activities so the products are ready for largescale production and can be  embedded in standard healthcare and occupational health & safety practices. The project will conduct user trials to gather additional evidence of its benefits and provide end-user iterative feedback.

About iHand

iHand is a soft robotic glove that can add extra strength to the grip and increase grip function for: 

a) persons who perform intense manual labor/sports and want to prevent any hand issues

b) persons who want to reduce the risk of occupational injuries related to manual activities at work or home and

c) persons recovering from hand problems

The iHand glove has a slim design and the same look and feel as a regular glove. Mini-actuators and high performance batteries provide enough strength to support activities at work or at home for 4-16 hours without recharge, while keeping the total weight of the system low.

What can iHand do? 

Preventive market: iHand is a primary prevention tool that reduces the risk of leisure and work-related injuries and in the same time increases efficiency.

Assistive market: iHand can support activities of daily life for older adults.

Rehabilitation market: iHand reduces the duration and cost of rehabilitation by allowing the patient to train at home with the glove.